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Aesthetically pleasing Shadeports with Maximum sun Protection

A fashionable, more economical and practical alternative to a garage is a shadeport. Visually your domestic or industrial outdoor area will be more appealing. Your cars, caravans and boats will also get vital protection from the sun’s harmful U.V rays and other elements like wind and hail. What’s more it is real easy to erect, much more affordable than a garage and you don’t need building permission to construct it. In the end you are spoilt for choice and can get a custom design that is perfect for your needs.

The International Group of Companies has created Landpak Supershade for shadeports; this shade cloth is durable and comes in a wide range of colours and modern styles. To give your company’s outside area an instant professional make-over, choose a colour that fits with your corporate branding and that will enhance the aesthetics of your carport structure or storage structure. At the end of a day’s hard work you can go home and know when you return in the morning the company cars will be in excellent condition. This is thanks to the passage of air currents that dries off rain and damp instead of allowing it to cling overnight. 

During the hot summer months you can create a playground shade structure using Landpak Supershade, where the children can play dress-up. This versatile high quality material can also be used domestically for patio awnings, gazebos, sight screens for cricket pitches, swimming pool covers and kennels. If you need a shady space for a company ‘braai’ or function then you can just move the cars and use this area to chill under. 
Contact the International Group of Companies and view their online guidelines chart to look at the perfect shade cloth that will work for your shadeports requirements. You can choose a type according to the specific application, colour, shade factor, UV protection and wind reduction.