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Fruit Bag Suppliers Offering Top Quality Products

The International Group of Companies located in the Northwest Province of South Africa is one of the largest and oldest fruit bag suppliers in the country. With an exceptional product range, usage of state of the art technology, social commitment to upliftment of previously disadvantaged groups, and the focus on quality at the best possible price, we have grown to be one of the foremost fruit bag suppliers in the country.

One of the requirements for fruit packaging is visibility of the fruits. Customers want to be able to inspect the fruits while grocers want to be able to display the fruits. When it comes to produce supply, one will want the fruits to be visible, yet protected against harmful UV. We as leading fruit bag suppliers understand such and that is why we produce bags that are UV resistant, water resistant, durable, yet easy to clean and excellent for display of fruit.

Another one of the requirements often listed for fruit bags are that the bags must be strong enough to prevent tearing and thus spillage of fruits. Our bags are extremely strong and tear resistant. As such we, asfruit bag suppliers, provide our bags to large scale commercial and agricultural clients.

Farmers and grocers also require various colours of bags. It is understandable since specific colours go with specific produce. Green for instance, is used for packaging of avocados while orange is used for oranges and other citrus. Depending on the specific product, you will want to colour code packaging. Simply speak to one of our consultants to recommend the most used colour for a specific product. As leading fruit bag suppliersin South Africa, we also make it our work to ensure that our products are highly relevant to the industry of the day and contemporary packing requirements of clients.

View our range of products and contact us as leading fruit bag suppliers for quotes and packaging product assistance.