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Circular Woven Bags

Huge demand for Circular Woven Bags Worldwide

It is very unlikely that more than a few of South Africa’s average consumers will have the slightest idea of what circular woven bags are or any clue as to what may be their intended use. Despite this, the demand for these items worldwide is at an all-time high and is continuing to grow by the month. So what exactly are these mysterious things and why is it that they have become so important to so many people?

Firstly, as can be seen from the description, they are a form of packaging and one that may be used to hold a great many different varieties of material used in a wide range of industries. In the building industry, for instance, millions are now used each year to accommodate items once offered in less durable packaging of which building sand, cement and aggregate are classic examples.

Next time you take a trip to a smallholding or to the local commercial nursery in search of some seedlings or a couple of fruit trees, if you should also take the time to check out some of the various brands of fertilizer and potting compost or the decorative pebbles and wood chips for use as a mulch, it is almost certain that all of these items will be sold in the same type of packages as those used for the building materials.

After fresh water, the commodity most important to and in the greatest demand by the human race is food. Of this the bulk will, in most countries, be the product of agricultural efforts both by individual growers and large commercial farms. Among the world’s commonest staples is bread and the both the grain that must first be milled and the flour produced in the process must be safely transported to the commercial bakeries and to the individual homes in which it will eventually provide the loaves and other edibles that are vital to survival on every continent. For these activities too, these circular woven bags provide the ideal form of packaging.

The use of opaque containers is particularly vital to many of the more perishable types of foodstuff. Many varieties of fruit and vegetable are inclined to ripen quite quickly once picked and can often become overripe and inedible unless they are protected from sunlight. Among the opaque types of packaging it is important that they have a reasonable lifespan but that, at the same time, once they are no longer needed, they can be degraded with little adverse effect on the environment

One of the characteristics of this type the virgin polypropylene used in the manufacture of this type of packaging is that, like the fruit, it tends to degrade and become brittle when exposed to ultra violet light and thus the various sacks and pockets must be fabricated form polymer fibres that have been suitably treated to make them resistant to the effects of the sun.

To ensure that the remain degradable once their job is done, the treatment methods used by manufacturers such as The International Group of Companies is normally such that it will remain effective for 3 months, after which the natural process of chemical degradation will then resume.

These sacks and pockets are offered in a wide range of sizes and, according to needs, may be supplied as either plain white or overprinted with the purchasers branding and product details in whatever colours may be required.

Clearly this and may other types of packaging are essential in not just the important industries cited above. These circular woven bags, in particular, play an important role in a great many aspects of our lives and thus their quality is a vital issue. In South Africa that high quality is guaranteed when dealing with The International Group of Companies and quite regardless of the particular specialised packaging solution that may be required.