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Plastic bags have become a normal part of everyday life and business, despite contentions surrounding their environmental impact. In fact, manufacturers are producing even stronger plastic bags than before, making them more versatile and reusable. So when placing your order for plastic bags, you may appease your green conscience with the knowledge that this packaging product will serve several purposes beyond your current business needs.

The International Group of Companies has been supplying retailers, farmers, factories and countless others with packaging material for over six decades now. Our marketing division, International Bag Buyers, has been trading for over sixty years with our original manufacturing division, Landpak, established in 1984. Since then, the company has expanded considerably. We now comprise of four specialist companies, namely: Landpak (Pty) Ltd, Brits Bag Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd (BBM), International Bag Buyers (Pty) Ltd (IBB) and YouFam CC.

Order from Industry Experts

Our continuous growth over more than sixty years can be attributed to several factors. The International Group manufactures the best quality plastic textiles in South Africa. Our product range includes knitted and woven pockets, cardboard and paper packaging, moulded plastics, twines, fomo packaging and soft plastic packaging including plastic bottles, plant bags and our high quality plastic bags. Quality standards are of the utmost importance to us. We are continually testing the quality of our products and looking for innovative ways to improve upon them.

When placing your order for plastic bags, you want to deal with an experienced and knowledgeable team. This will ensure that you receive the best possible service, advice and range of options. Since our company is well-established with an abundance of resources and expertise at hand, you know that with the International Group your options will be vast and varied. We employ over 600 staff members, all of whom are fully trained, competent and efficient. Our operational managers are industry experts and will go the extra mile to ensure that the quality and variety of our products meet with the highest standards as well as industry demands.

Order Plastic Bags at a Competitive Price

Our industry expertise may not be the reason why you choose to order your plastic bags from the International Group of Companies. For most businesses, the bottom line is long-term costs and reliability. When entering into an agreement with any supplier, the reputation and integrity of that company should be considered. Our company values are reflected in the service and products all of our customers benefit from.

Ethical business practice, competitive pricing, consistency in service delivery and quality standards, transparency, professionalism and integrity are some of the values that our company upholds. We offer the highest quality products at the most affordable price. Our customers have remained loyal to The International Company for decades because our prices are so competitive and consistently reasonable in these tumultuous financial times.

Our Customers come First

Placing an order for the first time, you may have a long list of questions and requirements. When it comes to choosing a supplier and the types of plastic bags you require, it often involves more detail than new businesses expect. What types of bags do you need and for what purpose, in what quantity and how frequently will you require replenishment? Is it a once-off order for a small quantity? Do you have budgetary constraints? How soon do you need your plastic bags delivered? At the International Group, our customers always come first. Consultants with practical experience and extensive knowledge are available to answer all of your questions and to offer you the best advice.

You do not have to be a new customer to receive our excellent service and professional assistance. This is another reason why so many customers have been relying on our company for several years. From the day you first request a quote until the day you no longer require packaging products, throughout your dealings with the International Group, your requirements, restrictions and special requests are our number one priority.

As your business grows, your packaging needs may change. Perhaps your initial order of plastic bags catered for fruit and vegetables. Now you require more durable plastic bags for wood or charcoal. Perhaps your business logo has changed or you can finally afford to print your logo on your plastic bags. Whatever your needs are, at every turning point in your business, we guarantee our exceptional service and top quality packaging products.