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Comfortable Packaging in Plastic Bags

Plastic bags have been around for many years, and have become synonymous in South Africa with shopping. Over the years the plastic bag has been re-envisioned and revolutionised to incorporate less toxic materials that is friendlier on the environment, while also having become sturdier and affordable to the public. In South Africa in particular, the government stepped in to outlaw the thinner plastic bags used by supermarkets, and instead brought in the much thicker bag so as to make it more appealing for consumers to use the same bag more than once.

With the thicker bag came an added expense, and the government brought in a plastic bag tax to offset the expense, while at the same time spurring consumers on to make use of their shopping bags for more than just one time. The thicker and stronger paid-for bags have become the new norm in South Africa and are a hit among consumers. Many large grocery store chains buy their grocery bags in bulk and have it printed on and stylised with their branding.

Different Types of Bags in South Africa

Aside the use of shopping for these plastic bags, there are also many other types of bags produced in South Africa that fulfil many other important uses in the economy. One of the most significant of these is virgin polypropylene bags as well as the high-density polyethylene HDPE bags. The virgin polypropylene bags are used to carry vegetables and fruit that need to remain aerated throughout transportation and storage. The circular woven bags are also manufactured using virgin polypropylene, however they are also subsequently treated with anti-UV additives so as to ensure that they will have a far longer life expectancy that can rage as long as three to four months.

South African nurseries also find these plastic plant bags incredibly useful as it is particularly strong and the sizes usually range from one to as high as eighteen litres. It would seem as though plastic bags and packaging solutions haven’t taken over the market completely, as paper bags are still present in certain industries. An example of this is potatoes which are exclusively packaged in paper bags. Biltong and droëwors in South Africa are also products that are packaged in paper bags. The fruits and vegetables industry on the other hand prefer using cardboard packaging, since tomatoes, grapes and strawberries can easily bruise.

International Group of Companies Paper Bags and Other Packaging Solutions in South Africa

For more than sixty years the International Group of Companies has been working hard to supply South Africa with quality paper bags and many other state of the art packaging solutions. Aside from our vast array of plastic bags products, we also provide affordable cardboard packaging solutions along with moulded plastic products including dustbins, basins and chairs, as well as twines and a wide variety of protective clothing and hardware.

We are proud of our significant reach in the industry and our many years of dedicated service. Our headquarters is located in the North West Province, and our brand has been built up for over six decades to become a trusted industry leader in the plastic textiles industry. Our commitment to exceptional quality and the most competitive rates, coupled with excellent customer service continues to keep us at the top of our game. We have stringent benchmarks to which we hold ourselves and our employees so as to continually deliver a world class product and experience to our clients.

Our company employs more than 600 dedicated employees who are headed by a team of seasoned managers and industry professionals who know what is expected of them. In our six decades of operations, our legacy has been marked with innovation, and we continue to show initiative and innovation in the industry so that we can continue to lead the way forward.

Our many quality products and services are available at such incredibly competitive prices thanks to our large buying power and strategic industry partnerships. If you would like to discover the many benefits of partnering with International Group of Companies for all your plastic bag requirements and other plastic products, contact us to learn more about our vast range of quality and affordable products.