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Polypropylene Bags

Polypropylene Bags Are Usually Woven As A Mesh

Polypropylene bags like woven vegetable pockets are commonly used for the packaging of vegetables like onions and various types of pumpkin, among others.  These pockets are specifically made to meet certain requirements.  Firstly, woven polypropylene bags allow their contents to breathe freely because the mesh lets through ample airflow.  Secondly, the material is very tough and despite only being a mesh, it is very hard to break.  Thirdly, mesh polypropylene bags are made in many different colours to make crop differentiation easy.  Colour choices include red, green, purple, brown and white.

These woven vegetable polypropylene bags are manufactured from  virgin polypropylene using either a polypropylene tape or monofilament and a specific type of weaving machine.  They are typically offered in various sizes between 10 kg and 25 kg.  These bags are ideal for their job, allowing one to easily identify their contents at a glance, yet they offer no resistance to airflow and and very tough. 

Other types of polypropylene bags include the circular woven polypropylene bags.  Their circular weave requires a different type of weaving machine and they offer a few extra features not typically available on the normal woven polypropylene bags.  They are also made of virgin polypropylene but they often also contain anti-UV (ultraviolet) additives to make them more resistant to sunlight and allow a life expectancy of at least three months.  Even more colours are typically offered over and above the woven pockets' red, green, purple, brown and white; orange, yellow, blue and black are available as well.  In addition the the many colour choices, you can also have your circular woven polypropylene bags printed with branding that is customised to suit your specific requirements.  Sizes are given in centimetres and these range from 30 cm x 45 cm up to 72 cm x 120 cm.

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