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Before the ever-present plastic bag, paper bags held sway as the container of choice for groceries and the like.  However, plastic bags are far stronger and can be made with handles for easy carrying.  They are also extremely easy and cheap to mass-produce and have taken over from their paper cousins in all but a select few applications.

Paper bags still do have a role to play and for certain uses, nothing else will do.  We are not ready to get rid of them quite yet.  For example, potatoes are not packed in anything other than a multi-layer paper bag.  It is still the only practical and cheap way to transport them and protect them from moisture, light and mildew.  In fact, paper bags remain popular where breathable, moisture-absorbent packaging is desired; butchers use them to pack biltong and dry wors for the same reasons.  Freshly baked, warm bread has to be packed in a paper bag as well, lest the condensation in a plastic bag spoils it.

Paper bags are just a thin type of cardboard packaging – it is a thin box, if you wish.  They are made of the same material.  Of course, boxes are still very popular and cheap for a variety of applications, not least in the fruit and vegetable industry, where certain crops that bruise or spoil easily are packed in boxes, like tomatoes, strawberries and grapes.

Your packaging partner of choice for anything from plastic and paper bags to woven pockets and boxes is the International Group of Companies.  We are based in Brits but we have several branches in other locations in South Africa and we have been offering our top quality products and excellent service to South Africans for over sixty years.  Please contact us today if you would like to learn more.