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Woven Polypropylene Bags For The Packaging Of Agricultural Produce

Woven polypropylene bags are the ideal packaging material for fruit and vegetables. The material is soft and cannot cause any damage to the delicate skins of the produce as well as strong enough to resist tearing or breaking, spilling the goods. The woven design of the bags allows for them to expand and contract according to the amount of produce the bag needs to carry. The bags come in a wide range of sizes that allow for the packaging of large produce items as well as smaller produce. Make sure that you choose a bag size that is suitable for the type and quantity of produce that it will be carrying.

Woven polypropylene bags can be coloured to a number of shades according to the type of produce they will be carrying. Try to match the colour of the bags to the colour of the agricultural produce that they will be carrying. For example, orange polypropylene bags are ideal for improving the look of most citrus while green bags can be used for gem squash and purple bags for turnips, beetroot and sweet potatoes.

You can choose between high density polypropylene bags and bags that are less tightly woven. Higher density bags are ideal for larger produce items or in cases where a large quantity of produce will be placed in the bag. The lower the weave density, the higher the visibility will be of the produce inside the bag. The woven nature of these bags allows air to circulate around the produce minimising the likelihood of condensation, keeping the fruit or vegetables dry. This in turn minimises the risk of the produce rotting and improves the lifespan of the produce.

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