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How To Select Box Manufacturers And Suppliers To Ensure Quality And Low Prices

IGC is one of the leading box manufacturers not only in Gauteng, but the whole of South Africa.  We produce cardboard boxes used in the packaging of fruits and vegetables.

How to Select Box Suppliers

When browsing for box manufacturers consider the location of the suppliers. A company located in China or another country may offer super low prices, but you will have to pay import duties, wait for supplies and may also have to deal with sub-standard quality.

Buy Local

Local box manufacturers such as IGC can provide warranties and supply almost immediately. The pricing is competitive and you can be assured of top quality products. By supporting local business you help to grow the economy. In addition, there are no additional taxes and shipping costs.

Local box suppliers understand the exact packaging requirements of the South African market. In addition, consumers are protected under the Consumer Protection Act. You will know that if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product that you can return such for a refund, repair or replacement which will be your choice. You have the right to inspect the products and as such can do so upon receiving the shipment from our manufacturing plants. If you are not satisfied with the quality you know you have consumer rights.

In addition to location, one should furthermore consider the history of box manufacturers. It is fine if you are only going to place one order, but if you plan on using the supplier on a regular basis, you will want to know that the company will be around next year as well. The CGI Group of Companies have a track record of 60 years in the packaging industry, and have shown stability and that we are here to stay.

Size of the Manufacturing Plant

Although a small factory can also produce large quantities, the larger manufacturer will be able to deliver any quantity and will not leave you without boxes because of production difficulties or because your order has gone into the waiting line.

Because the IGC Group is one of the leading box manufacturers in the country, we are also able to negotiate lower prices on raw materials used in the production of packaging material. You, as the client, will thus benefit from lower prices.

Product Offering

Select a manufacturer that can supply a wide range of packaging material. If you are a farmer, you most probably need more than just cardboard boxes for fruit and vegetable packaging. You may also need woven vegetable bags, twine and tape. You will want the assurance that the manufacturer will be able to supply the quantity, type, and size of packaging material that will meet your specific requirements. The CGI Group fits the profile perfectly.

Why Use Cardboard Packaging?

With cardboard, damage to the produce can be prevented. With special fomo trays inside the boxes, the fruit or vegetable can stay in one place and will not bump against each other. Additional paper wrapping can be used to improve the buffer power and thus minimize the risk of damage to produce. In addition, ventilation holes ensure freshness for longer while the appropriate sizes make transporting to the marketplace easier. With standardised sizes it is easier to determine how many fruits have been packed and with more control, you will minimize financial losses.

Cardboard boxes can be recycled and with a low carbon footprint, you also do your part for the environment. With recycling, jobs are created which is vital for economic health. Now that you know how to select box manufacturers you will agree that we should be your first choice as supplier.