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The International
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Boxes Supplier

Leading South African Boxes Supplier

We all require boxes at some point or another. Some of us may just require boxes and packaging for moving house, but there are many companies that require boxes for packaging their products on a large scale. For this reason it is important for them to have a boxes supplier on their side.

The International Group of Companies is a local South African boxes supplier that takes the needs of the supplier very seriously. This boxes supplier manufactures a wide range of cardboard cartons and boxes made in a large variety of sizes and purposed mainly for the packaging and transportation of fruit and vegetables. They also manufacture egg boxes and cardboard packaging bags for charcoal and potatoes.

The International Group of Companies is not just your average boxes supplier. They also manufacture an extensive range of shade cloth, bags, twine, and moulded plastic and various hardware packaging tools and equipment. They even manufacture and supply a range of protective clothing. The International Group of Companies has been servicing the market for over 60 years which enables them to professionally advise and provide their clients with the best products and rates available on the market.

The International Group of Companies is a boxes supplier and packaging manufacturer located in the North West, and is a 100% BEE, black owned company. They are a boxes supplier with special focus on plastic textiles and have been working hard towards earning themselves a reputable name on the market. Regardless of your packaging needs, The International Group of Companies will have a solution for you.

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable boxes supplier in South Africa then take the time to contact leaders in the field. Take a moment to contact The International Group of Companies and chat to them about their extensive product range and rates.