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A Reliable Shade Cloth Supplier

The South African sun can have some devastating consequences for materials that are exposed to its harsh glare for any period of time. Homeowners are aware that garden furniture can suffer from fading or even cracking when left to the mercy of the elements. Avid gardeners are also ware that the sun can wilt and whither plants in a very short period of time. Without the shelter of a garage or other shade provision even motor vehicle paint can suffer damage. For this reason many people are interested in finding a shade cloth supplier that will be able to offer advice and products that will protect goods from the harmful effects of full sunlight.

A reputable shade cloth supplier will have a number of different types of shade cloth in stock that provides cover from not only the hazardous effects of sunlight but also from other natural hazards such as hail. Hail can cause damage running to thousands of Rands and in most cases this damage will not be covered by a standard insurance policy.

When the private individual makes the decision to purchase shade cloth they will want to be assured that the supplier of the shade cloth has absolute confidence in the quality of the product being supplied as well as its suitability for various applications. The purchaser should therefore show preference to those shade cloth suppliers who are involved in all aspects of the supply of different types of shade cloth, including the manufacturing process and the testing of the various types of shade cloth.

The shade cloth that is available in South Africa should be of the best quality and manufactured to the highest quality standards. One of the ways to ensure that the shade cloth that is purchased from a reputable shade cloth supplier is of the best quality is to enquire about the material used to manufacture the shade cloth solution. The preferred material for the manufacture of shade cloth is High Density Polyethylene, otherwise known as HDPE. This material is highly resistant to ultra violet damage and suppliers of shade cloth manufactured from this material will be able to provide a shade solution which can be expected to last as long as eight years.

A shade cloth supplier will be able to provide the avid do it yourself enthusiast with rolls of different types of shade cloth which can be out to different uses. The light weight and high strength of shade cloth makes it ideal for the construction of shade solutions in the domestic environment.

There are a variety of do it yourself projects that use shade cloth. These include the construction of car ports and flower bed protection, which will not only protect the car exterior or flower bed from UV damage but will also offer some degree of hail protection as well. Those with pets in the home can use the shade cloth from a professional supplier to prevent damage to garden flowers by pets. As an added bonus the use of shade cloth will also protect both ornamental flowers and vegetables from wind and dust damage. This means that the shade cloth is suitable for both home use and agricultural use, such as the protection of greenhouse crops.

Erecting a shade cloth structure is also easy due to the stretchable nature of the fabric. The fact that shade cloth can stretch makes it ideal for use as a covering for aluminium or stainless steel skeletons. This means that even a single person can erect a shade cloth structure in only a matter of hours. A shade cloth supplier will be able to offer extensive advice on the best way to attach shade cloth to a variety of different structures.

Value for Money Shade Cloth Prices

Using shade cloth from a reputable supplier also offers extremely good value for money. Shade cloth prices vary by manufacturer but a perusal of the different web sites of shade cloth suppliers will allow the homeowner or industrial user to identify bargains. Not only is the initial purchase of shade cloth relatively cheap but maintenance is also just a case of stitching any damaged parts of the shade cloth together.