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Types of Useful Moulded Plastics

Plastic moulding is a process that has grown and developed over the years from creating small items such as combs and buttons to now being able to create items as large as entire car body parts. Moulded plasticshave a high production rate and are known to be highly tolerant. Minimal work force is required to produce these items and those that are produced require little or no finishing.

The International Group of Companies has recently added the following moulded plastics to their product range:

  • Plastic Fencing Droppers – these items are manufactured from low density polyethylene. There are only standard lengths of 1.2m – 3m available. These have a diameter of 20mm – 25mm. One of the great advantages of these droppers is that they show great resistance to fire. They are popular for use on electrical fences and are extremely durable to harsh weather conditions.
  • Polyethylene Plastic Piping – this plastic piping can be made from low density polyethylene or high density polyethylene. The rolls come in 100m lengths and with 20mm – 110mm diameters.  Sediment and lime build up occurs much less with this particular type of pipe. The lengths are easily joined together and rusting is absolutely impossible.
  • Other Plastic Moulded Products – these items include plastic chairs, buckets, dustbins, drums, basins, tubs, boilers and so on. These products are available in a variety of colours.

Plastic products of these types are easy to manufacture, cost effective to the client and prove to be top quality items. You can provide the International Group of Companies with your specifications and rest assured that they will be able to manufacture a product that suits both your budget and needs.

If you are looking for any of these moulded plastic products then waste no more time! For more information and advice, contact the International Group of Companies today.