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101 Uses for Shade Netting

People are very creative when they have to come up with 101 uses for everyday things like paperclips and lemons. When you think of a product like shade netting, manufactured by the International Group of Companies, you don’t have to rack your brain extremely hard to come up with some unique uses. This is partly due to the products versatility and the many industries that it is used in: i.e. mining, demolition industries,textile,agriculture, nursery andsport. 

The 3 main lines of Shade Netting provided by the International Group of Companies are Landpak Agridshade, Landpak Supershade and Landpak Builder’s shade. These are used domestically for tennis court backing, patio awnings, kennels, gazebos, swimming pool covers, cricket pitch sight screens and shading for playgrounds. Commercial and industrial uses includes carports for vehicle storage, vineyard formations, crop protection, livestock shading protection, temperature control in greenhouses, storage structures, sand dune reclamation, barricading of environmentally sensitive areas, crowd control and ventilation in mines.

There are so many advantages of this cloth (U.V ray protection, great dimensional stability and a ‘built-in memory’), that your biggest decision will be choosing what to use it for first. You can also decide on a colour, size and construction percentages of 20% - 90%. Consider all your options when you download the complete product catalogue available in PDF format on the International Group of Companies’ website.

You can save a lot of time and resources when you erect shade netting for a garden cover or any other agricultural, industrial or domestic purpose. The International Group of Companies are the people to contactfor any of the 3 main lines; they’ll be more than happy to tailor-make your order. Get an instant quote right now when you access the website and find out more about the 101 uses of this multitalented cloth.