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Shade Cloth As Bird Netting

Low density polyethylene shade cloth is the ideal material to use as bird netting in the building of a bird enclosure in your garden or back yard. The low density ensures that there is great visibility into and out of your natural bird habitat. The shade cloth will also allow enough air and light to filter into the bird enclosure. UV inhibitors in the shade cloth will offer the birds some protection from heat stroke due to constant exposure to direct sunlight. Rain water and other moisture can also naturally filter through the material into the enclosure without causing damage to the bird habitat.

The shade netting and polyethylene components are durable and strong and will not break or deteriorate easily. Even little beaks pecking constantly at the bird netting should not do much damage to the material. The netting will be sure to keep cats, dogs, birds of prey and other predators out of the enclosure and the birds safe from harm. The material comes in a range of colours that you can use to blend in with the environment or to ensure better visibility for the birds flying around inside and outside the enclosure. The last thing you want is for a bird to damage itself by flying into netting that is not clearly visible.

The shade cloth or netting can also be custom made to meet your requirements. The cloth usually comes in rolls of 3 metres by 50 metres of which sections can be sewed together or joined using other methods to provide you with continuous coverage. When designing your bird enclosure, remember to allow for at least one opening which can be used to introduce new birds to the enclosure as well as for feeding and watering of the birds. 

For more information on all the benefits of using shade cloth as bird netting in your garden, please contact us.