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Hail Netting And Shade Cloth

Shade or hail netting is manufactured from high density polyethylene monofilaments and tapes. The materials as well as the finished product stringently quality tested under laboratory conditions to ensure its strength and durability. This testing as well as the use of pure polymers and UV reflective inhibitors ensures that the netting has a lifespan of up to 8 years before becoming faded or deteriorating in any way. The manufacturers of this product will guarantee the replacement of the netting for this 8 year period under certain terms and conditions.

Make sure that you choose the right colour hail netting for your requirements. Shade or hail netting that will be constantly expose to sunlight and UV rays will inevitably begin fading after the 8 year period of the guarantee lapses. Red or yellow netting will succumb to this type of sun damage much quicker and will probably begin to fade in only 3 years. The warranty for the fading of red and yellow netting will therefore also only be covered for this 3 year period. Try to choose darker colours or white shade netting for areas that are over exposed whereas red and yellow can be used in shadier areas.

Any other manufacturing faults will also be covered by your warranty. Any tears or breaks that occur in the material over the 8 year warranty period will be cause for replacement of the netting unless express action has been taken to damage the netting. The shade cloth will be inspected before being replaced to ensure that the conditions under which it was damaged occurred naturally and not intentionally. Remember to keep your receipt or other proof of purchase or you will not be able to claim replacement netting should your shade cloth become damaged.

Make sure that you purchase quality assured hail netting and shade cloth with an 8 year guarantee and simply contact us.