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Dress your Products for Success - Get the right Packaging Suppliers

We all know how the right outfit can accentuate the positive features of a person while hiding the flaws. When it comes to dressing fruit and vegetables the packaging is also very important and can be an influential factor when consumers want to purchase your product. People want a crate, plastic bag or tray that is made of superior quality that won’t harm the environment. When the South African government demanded that supermarkets can’t give away plastic bags for free, people started looking for alternatives to carry their groceries and shopping in.  Packaging Suppliers like the International Group of Companies immediately came to the table with vegetable bags that are not made of plastic but from a mesh. This has contributed greatly to the litter being visibly reduced and to our country’s carbon footprint.

The International Group of Companies serves as packaging suppliers for the commercial, agricultural and industrial sectors of our country. They manufacture a wide range of materials in paper format, cardboard, soft plastic, fomo and miscellaneous packaging materials. The last category includes tape, wrapping film, dispensers, staplers, stickers, fastening equipment and plastic rolls.  

Supermarkets can use their long life stickers on tomatoes and the blue tags are perfect for onions. The soft plastic packaging range is very popular among butchers who use the plastic bags for treats like nuts, biltong and droëwors (a traditional South African snack).

You don’t have to go to different packaging suppliers for all your textile needs; just contact the International Group of Companies who is your one-stop shop for big items like cardboard boxes and even small items like staples. You will save a lot of time and money by using the International Group of Companies as your ultimate packaging solution that offers superior quality at a competitive price.