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Cardboard packaging is widely used in the fruit and vegetable industry as egg trays and for paper bags.  It is preferable to pack many types of fruit and vegetables in cardboard boxes, because the boxes are rigid, allowing for easy packing without the crops bruising.  Because the boxes are usually open, the crops are well ventilated and less prone to suffer condensation that will in turn lead to mildew and eventual rotting.  Time is of essence in the transport of fruit and vegetables and the right packaging ensures that the product lasts longer and reaches the consumers unspoilt and ready to eat.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, melons, strawberries and grapes are examples of crops of which the produce is normally packed in cardboard boxes.  Although plastic bags have taken over where boxes are not required, certain applications still require paper bags, which is in effect nothing more than thin cardboard packaging.  It is still the preferred way to pack potatoes and charcoal and butchers use them for biltong and dry wors as well.

Packaging has become an integral part of our lives and besides cardboard, there are many other packaging solutions available, like knitted and woven pockets (usually made of high-density polyethylene) and woven pockets (made of virgin polypropylene).  They come in a variety of colours and sizes and the crop type is usually paired with a specific colour to make them easily identifiable.  Fomo is also a popular packaging material and is often used as trays for food, cups and for seedling trays at nurseries.

The International Group of Companies is headquartered in Brits, but has branches in Cape Town, Pietermaritzburg and Mogwase.  We are not only specialists in the bulk production of packaging materials like plastic and cardboard packaging, but also moulded plastic products, twines and shade cloth.  For more information, please contact us.