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IGC As One Of The Largest Food Packaging Suppliers In South Africa

The International Group of Companies is one of the largest, best established, and most trusted food packaging suppliers in Southern Africa. The company consists of Landpak, Brits Bag Manufacturers known as B.B.M. and International Bag Buyers known as IBB.


The company is one of the founding members of the IGC and is the manufacturing division. As a company already operating since the early eighties, Landpak has shown that is a stable and growing company. The company has grown into one of the largest food packaging suppliers to the agricultural industry and focuses on the production of twines and vegetable pockets. It has recently added agricultural shade cloth to its product stable.


The company focuses on the commercial and agricultural market through the provision of woven polypropylene bags and vegetable pockets in addition to polyethylene pipes as well as LDPE fence droppers.


The company is the oldest partner in the IGC and has sixty years track record. It is also the marketing division for B.B.M. and Landpak with trading in an extensive list of products related to packaging.

Food Packaging Products Available from the IGC Suppliers

Some of the products related specifically to food packaging are briefly discussed below to give you an idea of the quality and range available.

Vegetable Pockets (Knitted)

Knitted with the Rachel knitting machine, the pockets are made from High Density Polyethylene and are available in sizes ranging from 3 to 25 kg. A pillar stitch is applied to ensure packing capacity strength while a filler stitch is also applied. Pockets are available in the main colours used for the various types of crops such as green, red, purple, tangerine, yellow, white, and mandarin.

Woven Bags (Circular)

The circular woven bags are made from virgin polypropylene which has been treated with anti-UV agents to ensure longevity of the bags. Each bag in this category is expected to last about three months. The sizes range from 30 by 45 cm and 72 by 120 cm. As with the knitted vegetable pockets various colours are available, ranging from blue, brown, purple and white to yellow, green, orange, and red. Customers can purchase the bags plain or have custom printing done on them.

Vegetable Pockets (Woven)

IGC is one of the largest food packaging suppliers in South Africa, also in the category of woven vegetable pockets. The woven pockets are made from virgin polypropylene and come in two sizes:

  • 10 kg
  • 25 kg

As with the knitted vegetable bags the colours are normally selected according to crop type. The range includes green, white, purple, and brown.

Cardboard & Paper Packaging

IGC is also a formidable food packaging supplier in the categories of cardboard and paper related products. Egg trays, paper bags for charcoal, cardboard cartons in a wide range of sizes for vegetable and fruit packaging, and paper potato bags are made.

Soft Plastic Food Packaging

IGC is a trusted supplier of soft plastic bags used by butchers and grocers. In addition, plastic bottles and lids as well as plastic plant bags are manufactured.

Fomo Packaging

Polystyrene or fomo packaging material is used by fast food outlets and caterers alike. The range includes various sizes of trays and containers. In addition to the fomo products specifically made for the food supply industry, seedlings trays are manufactured and supplied to the agricultural industry.

From the above information, it becomes clear that IGC is one of the leading food packaging suppliers in South Africa, boasting an extensive range of products. In addition to products specifically related to the food and agricultural industry, products such as chairs and dustbins are also manufactured.