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Quality Food Packaging For Domestic Use

The consumer of today is faced with a bewildering choice of products. These products affect the way we live and play, and have made it possible for the average human being to enjoy a quality of life that was undreamed of only a few decades ago. In part the explosion of new products was brought about by scientific discoveries that were made during the Second World War and just afterwards. Whatever their genesis, these products all had one thing in common, each of these products, especially food items, neededquality food packaging if they were to reach the ever growing market in pristine condition.

The growth in different types of quality food packaging is fascinating in part because it mirrors the growth of the food and services industries themselves. The fast food industry would not have thrived if new advances in quality food packaging have not come about.

The international import and export of perishable foodstuffs would also simply not have been possible if it was not for quality food packaging. To follow the sublime with the ridiculous, ask yourself if the moon landings that occurred at the end of the 60s would have been possible? Without new and exciting quality food packaging, the astronauts wouldn’t have been able to tuck their dehydrated foods that were at the cutting edge of food production into one little container.

Today, quality food packaging plays a part in almost any food that is destined for the retail market. Moreover, the growth of innovation in the food packaging products works in tandem with the entry of new food products onto that retail market.

Perishable foods such as eggs and even fresh vegetables and fruit rely on the services of the food packaging industry. Without quality cardboard packaging these foodstuffs would not be able to reach the buyer in a condition that would comply with the health standards as set by governments around the world. Prior to the advent of quality cardboard and paper food packaging, much of this type of produce reached the market packed in straw. This solution would simply not be possible for the transport of perishable foodstuffs over international borders due to the regulations governing the transport of potentially harmful macro and micro organisms.

It is not only solid foodstuffs that require high quality food packaging. The soft drink industry and the bottled water industry which employ millions around the world would not be able to reach its markets were it not for the invention of moulded plastic packaging.

There are also a number of convenience foods that crowd the supermarket shelves today that rely on innovative quality food packaging to service its customer base. Instant noodle products are today available in polystyrene containers which contain all the components that are required for a hot and tasty meal, even the fork in some cases. All that is required is the addition of boiling water. These containers also ensure that the heat is retained to allow the consumer to enjoy the meal at their leisure.

On the other end of the scale are those quality food packaging solutions that are designed to keep food items cold for transport to the home. These include the cold desserts such as ice cream and other confectionery. Advances in the design of high quality cardboard food packaging have also revolutionised the provision of meals that save time but still provide all the nutrition that a family needs. These products include frozen chicken and fish products that can be transported from the supermarket to the home with no impact on either their flavour or loss of quality.