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Packaging For Food

Packaging For Food That Is Attractive, Durable and Cost Effective

When it comes to choosing the right packaging for food you have to be sure that the packaging meets stringent requirements. Packaging for food should not only be strong and cost effective it should also meet the criteria stipulated by the customers who need it, i.e. safe and secure. The International Group of Companies has over 60 years of experience in the manufacture of quality products that are used in a number of different sectors – from agriculture through to commercial and industrial.

Various Types Of Packaging For Food

Packaging for food can come in many different materials – depending on the end use. For crop growers and farmers packaging for food produced is often required to be strong and substantial in size. The use of woven polyethylene bags and polypropylene pockets is preferred in this sector of the market as they are very strong and durable and made for transporting goods to market. These bags can be produced cost effectively and in large quantities. 

The International Group of Companies also specialises in a range of packaging materials that are ideal for the packaging of food in the retail sector. The materials used in the manufacture of these products include cardboard boxes, plastic packets, fomo and paper packets. Cardboard cartons and boxes are available in a variety of sizes and are ideal for the packing and protection of fruit and vegetables. Fomo packaging consists of fomo trays and cups which are used by the fast food industry for serving food and drink. This material is ideal for the packaging of food and beverages because of its strength and its hot and cold retentive properties. We also supply soft plastic packaging for food and this consists of plastic bags for fruit, vegetables and ice and plastic bottles.

The International Group Of Companies supplies a vast array of packaging for food that is ideal for those that are seeking a quality product that is durable, convenient and cost effective. Contact today for more information.