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Despite the apparent dominance of plastic in the packaging industry, there is still a secure place for paper packaging. Paper can be found in frequent use across all sectors of the economy from, commercial to industrial to households. There are a number of products that are best served by paper as opposed to plastic. A wide selection of the best packing material available does not just depend on the nature of your product alone, but also on your chosen supplier.

Choosing your Supplier with Care

International Group of Companies has been operating in the plastic textile industry for over sixty years. We have built a reputation for delivering packing solutions of the highest quality, irrespective of the material chosen. Our years of experience have honed our production systems to the point where our goods are produced in the most efficient way possible. This efficiency allows us to offer customers prices that are extremely competitive. At the same time, customers can rest assured that our excellent service will be maintained throughout our business relationship.

Unlike many of our rivals that aim to attract new business with impressive promises, we rely on our impeccable reputation as a company that always delivers high-quality goods within specified time-frames. We have embraced our transition into the new South Africa with a large percentage of our management team coming from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. This has led to the International Group of Companies (ICG) receiving full BEE certification.

One of the trademarks of ICG is the level of service that all of our customers enjoy. This goes well beyond ensuring the timely delivery of orders.

  • Our staff are trained to handle all product related queries
  • The size of your order does not determine the quality of our service
  • The quality of our raw materials gives our staff the confidence to recommend any item in our catalogue
  • If a customer is unsure about which option best suits their needs, our staff will happily give constructive advice that results in the wisest purchase and not necessarily the most expensive


Environmental Considerations

We live in a time when environmental concerns are at the forefront of many people’s minds. To this end, paper presents an excellent solution.  Paper is easily recycled and most cities have depots, making disposal that much easier. The biodegradable nature of paper means that goods can be transported to landfill sites and the packaging will soon become part of the earth.

Many large companies have begun running their own recycling programmes in order to fulfil corporate social responsibility obligations. At ICG, we try to keep out carbon footprint to the absolute minimum, while encouraging our customers to do the same. This collective approach to combating the effects of pollution is the only answer to saving our planet.

Economic Sense

For those that are not too concerned about our impact on nature, there is the cost factor involved in choosing paper as your packing material of choice. The cost of paper packaging is significantly lower than that of plastic. This cost-saving does not come at the expense of durability since many forms of paper packaging are, in fact, very strong. If this were not the case, would people really risk putting their expensive televisions in cardboard boxes? Even potato packing relies heavily on the strength provided by multiple layers of paper.

First Choice for Takeaways

When it comes to wrapping food for later consumption, paper is the only option for most takeaway chains. Paper packaging is perfect for allowing moisture to escape while retaining as much heat as possible. A pizza in a plastic box would be a soggy mess by the time you got home. Another reason why most takeaway establishments prefer paper is because the branding of their packaging is much simpler and cheaper.

ICG provides paper packaging that fulfils all the requirements motivating customer to make this choice. Our team of sales staff are always on-hand to discuss our different pricing options. They will even help you choose branding and logos that best suit your choice of packaging. This commitment to service excellence plays a major role in our on-going success and has secured our place as market leaders.