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Food Packaging In Gauteng

The Best Manufacturer Of Food Packaging In Gauteng

The International group Of Companies specialises in the manufacture of food packaging in Gauteng. With over 60 years of experience in the manufacture of food packaging in Gauteng we more than know what it takes to make the best packaging for the job. Manufacturing food packaging has to comply with certain industry standards and, because of expertise and know-how we are more than suited to the manufacture of food packaging for all areas of the market.

As the leading supplier of food packaging in Gauteng we manufacture packaging that is suitable for a number of different markets – from agriculture to industrial. For crop growers and farmers food packaging has to be strong and substantial in size. In this area the use of woven polyethylene bags and polypropylene pockets is preferred as they are very strong and durable and are ideal for transporting goods to market. We manufacture large quantities of these bags so we can supply them to customers at very affordable rates. 

The International Group of Companies also specialises in a range of packaging materials that are ideal for the packaging of food in the retail sector:

  • Cardboard cartons and boxes are manufactured in a variety of different sizes and are used in the packaging of fruit and vegetables.
  • Fomo is used for making fomo trays and cups which are used for serving food and drink in the fast food industry. This material is ideal for the packaging of food and beverages because of its strength and its hot and cold retentive properties.
  • Soft plastic packaging is ideal for food packaging and is used for packaging fruit, vegetables and ice.

When it comes to finding a reliable supplier of food packaging in Gauteng then look no further than theInternational Group of Companies, you’ll find we have the perfect product for your needs. Whether you are fruit farmer from the Free State or a fast food outlet in Hillbrow we have the packaging for you.