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Food Packaging Cape Town

Food Packaging In Cape Town

Food packaging is very important for several reasons. First of all, the package is responsible for providing a reliable barrier between the product and potential contaminants that are found in the external environment. The packaging used must ensure hygiene and reduce the risk of product contamination as much as possible. Specific types of packaging offered by companies can extend the shelf life of certain foods, while also allowing safe and efficient transportation. Moreover, the packaging must also provide customers with useful information about the product, instructions for use, expiry date, and recycling information and so on. All food packaging must meet with specific legal requirements. When looking for top quality food packaging in Cape Town, one should shop around, but ensure that only take on packaging products from a company that abides by the laws and guidelines set out by the market. 

The market for food packaging in Cape Town is a constantly growing and developing, with ever-increasing demand presented across the province. Food packaging is a multi-million rand industry, registering large growth each year. Up to 50% of most food costs are the cost of the actual packaging used to enclose it. There are several different types of food packaging available. Lightweight products that are versatile and cost effective can be acquired by leading food packaging companies. 

The International Group of Companies is a company that has decades of experience in the packaging industry behind it. Over 1000 people are employed by the company and each employee is dedicated to product quality and customer service excellence. Their range includes packaging materials in soft plastic, fomo, cardboard and paper formats to service the needs of the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors.

Finding the appropriate food packaging in Cape Town can be a difficult task if you are not aware of The International Group of Companies products and services. Contact The International Group of Companies, for more information on their products and services today.