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Affordable Food Packaging

Superior Quality Affordable Food Packaging Materials Available

The International Group of Companies has more than 60 years experience in the supply of high quality and affordable food packagingproducts to South African companies. Our range of affordable food packagingmaterials has been developed over the years to meet the packaging needs of various industries including that of agriculture, industrial sectors, and commercial food vendors and companies.

We offer affordable cardboard and paper food packaging material in various sizes suitable for fruit and vegetables as well as a range of paper bags used in the packaging of charcoal and potatoes. In addition, we supply a range of high quality cardboard egg trays. 

When it comes to affordable fomo based food packaging products, the choices include that of seedling trays, fomo cups and fomo containers as well as trays. Various sizes are available in each of the categories.

Soft affordable plastic products for food packaging can also be purchased from us including plastic bags used for plants and then the very popular plastic bags for ice, fruit, butcher related products, and mini grip. In addition, we supply a range of plastic bottles and lids to the soft drink industries.

Our client base is rather varied including from commercial farmers to food producing plants, and retailers. Crop farmers require bags for potatoes and other vegetables which are sturdy and often also need knitted or woven bags for transport of products. Because we know how easy it is to bruise fruits and thus render them useless for the market, we ensure that our cardboard boxes are specifically designed to minimize the risk of bruising. We thus not only manufacture and supply affordable food packaging products, but also ensure top quality packaging at all times. 

It this commitment to quality that has made it possible for us to grow as a company to employ more than a 1000 people today. With a large team of workers dedicated to high packaging standards, it is understandable that retailers and large commercial farmers prefer us as their supplier of affordable food packaging products. View our range of affordable, yet well designed, and high quality food packaging materials and contact us today to place your order.