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Packaging In Gauteng

Various Types Of Packaging In Gauteng

In the Gauteng Province of South Africa food packaging is often tested on the consumer before it is rolled out in the rest of South Africa due to the cosmopolitan nature of the society in the province. If packaging is accepted in Gauteng there’s a good chance that it will be accepted elsewhere in South Africa. Packaging in Gauteng supermarkets can be bewilderingly diverse with products packaged one way and then another within weeks as new ideas and materials are tested.

Packaging in Gauteng can consist of the tried and tested cardboard material, new space age and heat retaining polystyrene blends and many different types of plastics lining the shelves of each and every supermarket.

Plastic seems to be the material of choice to replace glass although the glass manufacturers are staging a fighting comeback by flighting a series of television adverts praising the characteristics of glass as a packaging material. The new plastic packaging materials have been used in unique (at least for South Africa) ways to make the products that they contain more attractive to consumers.

Take for instance fruit in syrup where transparent packaging now allows the consumer to see exactly what they will be purchasing. This has had a positive impact on the sales of these products and it can’t be long before we see this sort of innovation reach other products.

For other excellent examples of unique and attractive packaging those products sourced from the Far East offer excellent examples. Just take a look at the ready to eat three minute noodles that seem to have exploded onto out shelves. Fork included and a variety of flavour sachets have taken this humble workday lunch staple from mediocre to delicious, and the packaging shouts this to the consumer.

For further information on packaging in Gauteng and how this can help move your product from the supermarket shelf to the consumer’s trolley, contact us.