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All About Maize Packaging

Maize packaging in South Africa is usually produced from high density polypropylene or polyethylene which are both hard wearing and allows the maize producers the option of full colour printing on the packaging. There are also some varieties of maize packaging that are made from cotton. The ability to print on the packaging is especially important for the maize producers and manufacturers because maize is a staple food in South Africa and buyers tend to be extremely brand conscious. If you wander through any supermarket in South Africa and compare the branding and the copy that is printed on any of the major maize brands you will note that the brand promises and the additives added to each of these maize brands is extremely similar. It has been surmised that the major manufacturers avoid adding further additives to their main maize brands because in effect this would lead to an ‘additives war’ which would require them to produce new maize packaging on a regular basis which might be a costly exercise.

Maize packaging comes in a variety of sizes and in the smaller sizes is usually constructed from multiple layers of paper. The larger PP packaging comes in sizes up to 50 kilograms. The maize packaging allows the maize to be stored for relatively long periods of time in warehouses.

The largest sizes of maize packaging that can be found on most supermarket shelves is the 25 kilogram bag which has proved to be extremely popular with certain consumer groups who are looking for the savings that can be obtained when buying in bulk. This is especially true of those population groups in South Africa who treat maize as a staple food which is present at almost any mealtime.

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