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The International
Group of Companies
A Market Leader in Plastic Textiles

Plastic Bag Manufacturers gives Back to the Community

As a affluent company that employees 1000’s of people in South Africa and one of the leading plastic bag manufacturers in the textile industry, The International Group of Companies are big on corporate social responsibility.  Because of their humble beginnings 60 years ago, they know the importance of reinvesting in their workforces, communities and the world. It took six decades to become a market leader and all the hard work and dedication has certainly paid off. The friendly staff members are privileged to be working for such a gentle giant and this shows in the way they treat all customers and specifically cater for consumers needs.
The International Group has done wonders for the previously disadvantaged community by giving them a chance to invest in the lucrative textile industry by becoming shareholders and also to fill leadership positions by becoming directors. They are recognized as a Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) company and you can view their status on their website.  You won’t find other plastic bag manufacturers who are on par with the same high standards, superior quality and excellence in everything they do as demonstrated by the International Group of Companies. 

The company structure is composed of three specialist companies:

  • Landpak (the original manufacturing division who specialises in vegetable pockets and shade cloth);
  • Brits Bag Manufacturers (serves the  agricultural and commercial sectors with WWP bags) ;
  • International Bag Buyers (trades in industrial packaging and hardware products).

If you are from a previously disadvantage background and want to invest in the textile industry, contact the International Group of Companies who will discuss their entire product range with you and encourage you to buy shares. Their competitive prices and exceptional service makes them the clear leaders of plastic bag manufacturers and a true asset not only to the textile industry but to the whole of South Africa.