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A Wide Range Of Custom Plastic Bags

A couple of years ago government implemented new standards for the quality of plastic bags used by supermarkets and the retail sector. The packets needed to be much thicker than the plastic bags that were manufactured in the past to ensure that they were re-usable. Retail stores also had to begin charging consumers for the purchase of these plastic bags. This was mainly introduced to deter the enormous waste and rubbish problem in South Africa, as well as to protect the environment. It also forced most retail outlets to begin providing custom plastic bags and other re-usable packaging to their customers and consumer market.

Custom plastic bags can be made to any thickness required by the retail agency. The bags can be printed with a range of designs and colours that reflect the image of the store or supermarket. The bags can be made from softer plastic to hold more delicate products such as fruits and other perishable items or harder plastics to protect the goods from damage while being carried or transported. The bags are ideal for packaging a wide range of items from perishable goods to other consumer goods.

You can also have the bags made in a range of colours. The darker the colour of a bag, the less light and heat can enter keeping food items cooler and fresher for longer. Lighter colours or transparent plastic bags are ideal for packaging goods where your customer or consumer may need to see the items placed inside the custom plastic bag. Make sure you research what type of bag will best meet the requirements of the goods that they will be holding.

To find out more about the wide range of custom plastic bags that can be designed and manufactured according to your unique requirements, please contact us.