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Plastic Products

Plastic Products Including Drums And Containers Of High Quality Are Durable

Not only can you obtain an extensive range of packaging materials such as bags and boxes suitable for agriculture, commerce and industry, but also a range of plastic products ranging from bags to miscellaneous moulded plastics.

Plastic Products in Our Range

From boilers in 22 litre sizes to buckets in the range of 50 to 25 litre as well as chairs and dustbins with wheels and basins in addition to tubs and drums are available in bulk. The products are made according to high standards and quality control is applied to ensure standardised manufacturing and superior quality.

Plastic Drums

Drums used as containers for bulk cargo shipping and storage can be obtained from us as part of our extensive range of plastic products. The drums are cylindrical and make excellent containers for the transport and storage of powders as well as a wide range of liquids. The products are manufactured according to specific standards to ensure safety when storing potentially harmful liquids.

The dome drums are reinforced with plastic at the top and bottom as well as throughout the shape. The strengthening prevents shape changes when the drums are rolled on their sides. Strengthening is also done to prevent damage when the tipping over of the drum is done in order to roll it. The drum or barrel must be strong enough at any point to handle the weight on an angle.

Open top barrels are sealed by means of a special ring clamp to ensure that there is enough pressure to keep the barrel sealed properly. Many of the barrels are purchased specifically for the transport of industrial powders.

Plastic Containers

We produce a wide range of plastic products of which plastic containers are worthy of a short introduction. We produce a series of plastic bottles and lids in the range of 250 ml to 2 litre that can be used for packaging whether to store small items or liquids.

With plastic being less breakable than glass as material used for containers, it has become rather popular in the past 30 years. Water bottles, soda bottles, pill bottles and more are all types of plastic containers. Recycling of plastic containers is still in the infancy phase, but as it gains momentum, the carbon footprint will also reduce.

Moulded Chairs

In addition to plastic products used for packaging, moulded plastic chairs are also part of the product stable. Such chairs have many benefits over normal steel chairs. They can be stacked with ease, are lightweight, take up little storage space, don’t rust, are sturdy and don’t have any sharp points. Catering companies prefer the plastic chairs because of the stacking ability as well as weight being low, which is important for transport. The lower the weight, the less fuel will be needed.

Polyethylene Piping

The piping is used for irrigation purposes. There are two types:

  • Low Density Polyethylene known in short as LDPE
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

The pipes are made in rolls of 100 metres and come in diameters ranging from as little as 20 mm to 110 mm. Three classes are available. The pipes don’t rust and can be joined with ease. Unlike traditional pipe where lime build-up can be problem, with the plastic pipes there are no such problems.

Plastic Fence Droppers

We manufacture moderate fire resistant droppers used for electric fences because no draining of currents take place as is normally the case with the more traditional droppers. The products in our stable are weather resistant and made to last for a long time.

Plastic products of high quality are cost effective, durable and versatile.