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Durable Plastic Containers

The Usefulness Of Durable Plastic Containers

There is not a consumer in South Africa who can argue that durable plastic containers have not been an appreciable difference to their lives. These robust containers are today used by manufacturers for the packaging of a variety of different products that can be found on supermarket shelves across South Africa. The use of durable plastic containers is also not limited o the packaging of foodstuffs and durability is not only a function of the thickness of the plastic that is used for the container. The containers that spring to mind when discussing durable plastic containers are those used for goods usually found on supermarket shelves. Many of these containers also find their way into our lives well after the original contents have been consumed. Ice cream containers are particularly durable and can double as storage containers in a variety of settings.

These thick and durable plastic containers also have the welcome attribute of being chemically inert which means that the higher quality durable plastic container will not degrade when exposed to detergent or hot water.

This means that many of these containers can be used over and over again. What gym member has not reused an energy drink bottle as a water container at some point? In rural areas these containers are used expensively for food storage and dry goods storage due to the fact that the nearest supermarket may be some distance away and that the use of these durable plastic containers represents a significant saving on the purchase of other containers.

Durable plastic containers are also used for the packaging of potentially hazardous materials such as bleach. Often these containers are a significantly different shape to the shape of those containers which contain liquids for consumption. This prevents the contents being mistaken for other products which can be consumed and thus reduce the possibility of poisoning. One of the most useful properties of the plastics used for the manufacture of durable plastic containers is that they can be moulded to almost any shape. This property is extremely useful to the manufacturer that wishes to differentiate his product from competing products on the supermarket shelves.

As South Africa is exposed to more imported products so the type and variety of durable plastic containers that can be found on the supermarket shelves around the country will increase. The manufacturers of durable plastic containers are today applying their minds to manufacturing durable plastic containers that add value to various products.

It is not usual to see products which feature mixtures which require water to be prepared to today also be packaged with the container that can be sued for the purposes of mixing the product. This marketing approach is used extensively in the powdered drinks market and has proved successful for the manufacturers due in part to the intrinsic usefulness of the durable plastic container.

Durable plastic containers add value to the lives of consumers due to the fact that they can be used for a variety of tasks and have an extended life which makes the purchase of retail goods packaged in these containers an attractive option. Manufacturers of these durable plastic containers have also made their products more attractive to a certain segment of the market through their ongoing efforts to increase the biodegradability of the containers.

This reduces pressure on South Africa’s landfills and is much more environmentally friendly than the plastic containers that have traditionally been manufactured. It appears that consumers might even be willing to pay a premium for the peace of mind they obtain through the purchase of a biodegradable container.

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