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Supermarkets Buy Plastic Bags Wholesale From Suppliers

Supermarkets and other heavy consumers of bags buy plastic bags wholesale from plastics suppliers.  Millions of plastic bags are manufactured and sold each year and they have become the packaging staple of the end user who buys from supermarkets and department stores on a daily basis.  Many years ago, plastic bags were very thin and flimsy; they were also free of charge and contributed considerably to littering.

Legislation has changed that and outlawed the thin plastic bags.  A thicker, stronger bag was introduced and consumers had to pay for it.  However, the plastic bag has now become genuinely useful and the stronger bags could be re-used many times without breaking.  At the end of the day, it does not cost supermarkets more to buy these plastic bags wholesale from plastics suppliers, because by law, the extra expense is passed on to the consumer to cultivate a saving and recycling culture.

Of course, the normal plastic shopping bags are only one of the types available today.  Knitted and woven polyethylene and virgin polypropylene plastic bags are very popular in the fruit and vegetable industry and the crops are usually packed into bags with a specific colour to make them easily distinguishable.  These bags exploit the advantages of cheap plastic compounds with a mesh construction to allow for easy breathing.

If you are a heavy user of bags, buy your plastic bags wholesale from the International Group of Companies.  We are specialist plastic and plastic mesh bag manufacturers, and we also make paper bags, cardboard boxes and packaging solutions of almost any type, including fomo packaging.  In addition, we offer additional products of moulded plastic, like plastic chairs, fencing droppers, polyethylene piping and protective clothing.  For more information on our company and widely divergent product range, contact us.