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High Quality Moulded Plastic Chairs Have Many Uses

Twenty years ago, moulded plastic chairs were a rarity.  Garden sets were usually made from welded iron rods strung together with wire.  They were cumbersome to heave around and not very comfortable to sit on unless padding was used.  Furthermore, they rusted and had to be painstakingly repainted every few years, especially if you lived close to the sea.

Plastic chairs changed everything.  They are light and can be moulded into a friendlier and more inviting shape.  They are impervious to corrosion and can be moved around with ease.  The plastic is colour-impregnated, so they remain colour-fast and you never have to paint them.  Stack them on top of each other and push them into the corner when you are done.  In fact, thanks to these advantages, they have found applications far beyond the garden area around the pool or under the lapa.  They are found in concert and school halls, open-air churches and anywhere in between, where many people have to be seated.

Hundreds of plastic chairs can be transported on a truck because they fit together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle.  These chairs are available in a host of different colours for any type of application and where the event is slightly more formal, fabric covers can be placed over them for a more upmarket appearance.

The International Group of Companies can supply you with plastic chairs in virtually any colour today.  Besides the chairs, we specialise in a whole range of moulded plastic products, like boilers, buckets, drums, basins, dustbins and tubs.  Since plastic is our middle name, you can also get almost any type of plastic packaging solution from us, including plastic bags, knitted and woven polyethylene and polypropylene pockets and even fomo products.  For more information, please contact us today.