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Plastic bottles are everywhere and have succeeded glass bottles in most spheres; mostly because they are extremely cheap to manufacture and do not break easily.  Twenty years ago, bottlers used glass bottles for cold drinks up to one litre in capacity.  The first time the 2-litre bottle was introduced was also the first time most South Africans started getting used to the idea of plastic cold drink bottles.  Plastic bottle manufacturers today manufacture a range of plastic bottles in all the popular sizes.

Plastic bottle manufacturers have found that the most popular sizes are 250ml, 500ml, one litre and two litres.  These cover the most-used sizes for water, juice and carbonated cold drinks.  Plastic bottles are extremely hardy and can survive great impacts without puncturing, unlike glass bottles.  They can be safely pressurised to high values to keep the “fizz” in carbonated drinks and they survive the rigours of truck transport far better than glass, while simultaneously requiring less care when packing and handling them.

The various plastic compounds have not only proved useful in the manufacture of plastic bottles, but also other forms of packaging, like the well-known plastic grocery bag, available in countless colours and sizes; any design can be printed on them too.  Plant bags are widely used by nurseries and are offered in sizes up to 18.8 litres.  Plastic compounds like polyethylene and polypropylene are the most popular for knitted and woven pockets, which are used for packing vegetables and fruits.

You can get virtually any type of packaging solution today from the International Group of Companies.  We are cardboard, plastic, fomo and plastic bottle manufacturers that can offer you products of the best quality at low prices.  We have branches in Mogwase, Pietermaritzburg and Cape Town.  Contact us.