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Polypropylene Twine Suppliers

Don’t forget to purchase the twine necessary to tie up your polypropylene bags once your produce has been packed into the packaging material. Your bag manufacturer should also be twine suppliers and be able to provide you with the appropriate twine in the right amount. The twine must be made from the same polypropylene materials as the bags to ensure that they are compatible. You can choose between high density and low density polypropylene twine depending on the type of produce you will be packaging and the weight of the bag once it has been filled.

The twine normally comes in rolls measuring from 20 metres in length up to 4000 metre rolls depending on the width of the twine. The widths vary depending on the type of twine you require. Net twine has the smallest width and is ideal for use in the agricultural sector to close bags holding produce. Lacing cord measures 2mm in width and is mostly used in the fastening, joining and repair of shade netting. Twine measuring 4mm in width is perfect for use as washing line material or other areas where strength and durability is a priority. Your twine suppliers should be able to assist you in identifying the correct twine to meet your requirements.

The twine is created by lacing individual strands of polypropylene together until the right width is achieved. The material used as well as this lacing techniques adds strength to the twine ensuring that it will be able to hold the required weight without fraying or breaking. The twine comes in a range of different colours (white, black, orange and brown) to enable it to blend with the bags or netting material or stand out against a back ground for higher visibility.

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