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The Benefits of Polystyrene Packaging

Just imagine the equivalent of 6000 rooms per day filled with waste and the impact that it will have on global warming. This is unfortunately not an illusory forecast but a harsh reality as our planet only has landfill space for the next 3 years. We are building mountains of waste everyday and the only solution is to start recycling with polystyrene packaging that are good for consumers and safe for the environment.

The International Group of Companies manufacture products like seedling trays that are made from recycled polystyrene. This forms part of their fomo packaging range that also includes fomo trays, containers and cups. The lids, cups and tubs all come in different sizes from 250ml to 350ml for CTG and the FT tubs come in 125ml, 250ml, 350ml and 500ml. You can purchase the seedling trays individually while the rest of the fomo packaging range is available in bulk. The polystyrene packaging manufactured by the International Group offers the best benefits in terms of performance, the environment and value for money.  They are the leaders in the textile industry and they also offer soft plastic packaging, cardboard and paper format andmiscellaneous plastic packaging materials.

There is no better food service packaging on the market that is as easy to recycle, affordable, offers the same good insulation and is sanitary. If we compare it to paperboard its impact on the environment is much less during the manufacturing stage and the end result is packaging that doesn’t weigh a lot but is durable. 
As you can see the benefits of polystyrene packaging are enormous and have multiple positive effects on the environment, our lifestyles, economy and the health/food industry. Contact the International Group of Companies and place your bulk order for any of their products, you will be doing yourself and our planet a huge favour.