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Shade Cloth Prices

Factors Affecting Shade Cloth Prices

The increased use of shade cloth in South Africa has meant that there are now many more suppliers in the market. This means that anyone looking to invest in shade cloth needs to carefully assess their needs and take a close look at suppliers. Buyers should bear in mind that better prices do not always mean better products.

Since shade cloth is designed to protect against harsh elements like wind and rain, it is vital that the product you choose be designed with South African weather in mind or you could find yourself frustrated by an inferior product, facing unforeseen expenses. It is also worth noting that these unforeseen expenses can be exorbitant if a poor-quality product results in property damage. Before you select the barrier that will guard your vehicles or plants, there are a few important points to consider.

Finding a Reputable Supplier

This may require a considerable investment of time, but the rewards will be apparent after your first bout of harsh weather. It is not enough to surf the internet or even to make a few phone calls, simply because you could end up with a sharp salesperson convincing you to commit based on his word alone. Unless a supplier has come highly recommended by someone you know well, take some time to check out their facility personally.

Good suppliers will welcome visits from potential customers because they have faith in their product and are keen to show it off. They should have a variety of different products for your consideration because not all types of cloth are suitable for all circumstances. For example, while most will be designed to protect against sunlight, you may require something that also guards against the damage caused by hail.

One of the ways to spot a reputable dealer is to examine the scope of their operation. Ideally, you are looking for a company that offers a broad range and is also significantly involved in the manufacturing process. Finding one that engages in product testing would be even better.

Is it built with South Africa in mind?

Unfortunately, many first-time buyers or do-it-yourself enthusiasts mistakenly assume that imports are superior to local products. While this may be true for other goods, it definitely does not apply to things like shade cloth. A higher price may inspire product confidence, which is often misplaced.

Our South African climate is much harsher than many people realise, especially when you’ve have grown up here. There are parts of our country that experience blazing sunshine with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees, only to be subjected to a vicious hail storm a few hours later. Effective shade cloth solutions have to be purpose built with our conditions in mind.

What is it made of?

While different types of shade cloth might look the same, the materials involved in manufacturing will result in different levels of protection. Any product designed to withstand an African climate must be made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This material is highly resistant to sun damage and can reduce the harmful effects of UV rays by up to 90%. Suppliers of shade cloth made with HDPE will happily provide customers with a warranty of 8 years.

Do-it-yourself Options

The lightweight nature of shade cloth makes it ideal for the DIY enthusiast looking to do some home improvements. A good supplier will advise on necessary product dimensions and provide all installation instructions. The fact that shade cloth stretches and is remarkably durable makes it an excellent choice for someone that does not have a great deal of experience doing home maintenance. Popular DIY projects involving shade cloth include carports, covering children’s play areas, providing protection for delicate plants and pool covers. More advanced structures may require the aid of an expert when it comes to assembling a metal skeleton, but the rest is easily managed by one person in a few hours.

Our team at the International Group Of Companies is always eager to assist customers with queries and purchases. Our goal is to have satisfied customers that return to us and will spread the good word about our services. Thanks to the scale of our operation, we can always offer competitive prices on all of our shade cloth products.