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Shade Net for Building site Safety

Construction sites need to adhere to certain safety and health laws, especially if certain areas are open to the public. For instance, a construction company needs to ensure protection against materials (i.e. stone or plaster) which could accidentally fall from scaffolding and harm the public. The International Group of Companies are now producing Builders Shade Net for the South African construction industry. It provides the perfect protective barrier on demolition and construction sites as well as electrical substations. You can’t get a more cost-effective solution that gives you scaffold protection and guarantees that any building site is safe. 

Come sunshine, wind, hail or rain, Builders Shade Net is suitable for protecting your building equipment during any weather conditions. It can be used all-year round for construction perimeter fencing and construction scaffolding. Their guaranteed durability (with a minimum life expectancy of 8 years) gives this product excellent protection from harsh elements and harmful U.V rays. Even in the midst of a storm the long-lasting lock-stitched fabric won’t tear or ladder and the heat setting technique provides the cloth with greater dimensional stability. 

Apart from making your construction site safe you will also give it an instant professional look. Other applications include:

  •  obscuring scaffolding;
  •  ventilation control in mines;
  •  sand dune reclamation;
  •  the replanting of road and rail excavations;
  •  erosion control and prevention;
  •  barricading of environmentally sensitive areas 
  •  crowd control.

While the construction industry is growing at an impressive rate, contractors are becoming more competitive and if you don’t adhere to the safety requirements and have the right professional image, you won’t get the big-money contracts. Don’t delay getting builders shade net today and securing new business, all you have to do is contact the International Group of Companies and a capable staff member will help you.