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Shading Netting for Climate control

You never again have to blame the weatherman for a disastrous crop season or loss of animals due to extreme weather conditions like hail, constant rain, high winds and dangerous UV-rays from the sun.  You can create your own micro climate with the help of shading netting that will provide an environment for favourable growing conditions.  With controlled air movement surface evaporation is notably reduced saving you money on irrigation and fertilisation costs. Use the shade net on plastic tunnels and green houses for optical temperature control and the perfect environment for growth. 

What’s more is that it will also protect your livestock during the cold winter months and give your sheep, goats and ostriches shade during spring and summer. You can’t get a better shading structure if you are a dairy farmer who wants to reduce heat stress in dairy cattle. Your crops are also protected against most bird and insect species and it is an excellent wind barrier that reduces erosion. The International Group of Companies manufactures shading netting called Landpak Agrishade.  Made from virgin high density polyethylene and lock-stitched for maximum stability, it guarantees optimum growth and yield of plants, as well as a suitable environment for animals.  

It’s not difficult to assemble and the eyelets make it easy to erect. You can buy the cloth in standard size rolls of 3m or 50m and in shade factors from 20% to 80%. If the cloth gets an accidental cut or tear then it’s easy to repair and does not require a lot of maintenance. 

For exceptional quality shading netting backed up by a product warranty, contact the International Group of Companies who can customise the length and width of rolls to suit your needs. Landpak shade cloth is sold exclusively by the International Group of Companies, so place your order today for a product that is both tough on the elements and gentle on your crops and livestock.