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Shade Ports Manufactured from Durable Landpak Supershade

Leaving your vehicle or other items parked in the open sunlight can be quite detrimental to the overall value and appeal of the item. Shade ports have been designed to provide much needed protection by leading companies such as International Group of Companies. Our shade cloth presented to the market for this particular purpose is called Supershade and is proudly offered by Landpak (Pty) Ltd. The product itself is one that we are proud to present as our own and certainly well worth your consideration.

This particular product on our catalogue has been manufactured with the purpose of effectively serving the commercial, industrial and agricultural industries. It can be used in a variety of applications other than shading vehicles and has earned itself quite a positive reputation when it comes to durability and value for money. When investing in this particular product you can expect the outdoor appeal at your premises to be greatly improved on. There is no denying the fact that Landpak Supershade Ports are aesthetically pleasing and will be a wise investment in terms of raising the value of your premises.

Dense shade and reliable protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays is to be expected from this particular product. It is available in a variety of colours which are bound to meet with your expectations when it comes to certain appeals. It is important to view samples of materials and colours in order to choose something that you will be comfortable with. Our sales consultants will be delighted to assist you with choosing just the right product for you and your premises. Feel free to chat to us about product quality, pricing, durability and so much more – each of our consultants has a wealth of product knowledge to impart with and they will be sure to make you feel comfortable about the various choices that you will have to make during this particular process.

For commercial and industrial use these ports are ideal for both storage structures and vehicle parking areas. When it comes to domestic applications, the uses are far greater. You can have one of these installed as a patio awning, protective area to store boats and caravans and so on, gazebos, sight screens for cricket pitches, shade structures for playgrounds and even swimming pool covers – this product is also ideal for a variety of unique uses – if you feel that it might work for you, let us know what your ideas are and we will happily advise you. The uses of Landpak’s shade ports are certainly not few and far between and by chatting to our sales consultants about your needs and requirements you can expect to be presented with products and features that are well suited to those needs and your available budget too.

We have over 60 years of experience with Landpak itself having started off in 1984. These years of experience have been put to good use discovering which the best products on the market are for our clients to invest in. We also have a wide range of other packaging and general products on our catalogue that might interest you. These include the likes of hardware items, various packaging items such as cardboard, plastic bags, fomo products, woven vegetable packaging bags and so much more. Each of these items is designed and manufactured to be long lasting and offer value for money – we are one of the most trusted packaging manufacturers on the South African market.

We offer our shade ports material with a great warranty attached. We will guarantee that our materials will not fade or become weak from sun exposure for no less than 8 years from the date that the particular batch used was manufactured. This warranty covers only exposure damage and not damage that is caused from erection, abrasion or chemical damage and similar. We have a great selection of images on our website where you can browse through various product options and request to see samples from our sales consultants.

When looking for the ideal shade ports for a variety of reasons, whether for industrial, commercial or domestic use, you will find that our range at International Group of Companies is precisely what you need. Gather quotations and make your comparisons without any further delay – we are standing by at International Group of Companies to service your every need.