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Net Twines ideal for Pruning and Trellising tomatoes

If you work in the agricultural sector you’ll know that tomato farming is rewarding because of the plants great ability to produce fruit in a small space. The secret to producing a great variety, delicious flavours and the perfect size all depends on how you manipulate the tomato plant. Old school techniques involved using stakes or cages to combat the plant’s desire to follow the laws of gravity. The International Group of Companies have revolutionized the pruning and trellising of tomatoes though with an innovative new product – net twines that is manufactured from high density polyethylene or low density polyethylene. 

This allows farmers to use gravity to their advantage with the string technique where you hang your plants as opposed to caging them in. The benefits of trellising tomatoes in this way are less maintenance as the season progresses and reducing the risk of diseases as there is no overcrowding. The International Group of Companies also supplies various agricultural products to Hop farmers. These farmers especially need strong and secure twines for the vertical growth of their hop bines that can be more than 25 feet long and weigh just over 9 kilos. The sky’s the limit for these hob bines. 

The International Group of Companies takes pride in being on thecutting edge of product developments. They’ve developed many ranges from shade cloth, vegetable pockets, packaging and hardware. They know how important agriculture is to our country and that’s why they give superior products at an excellent price.

If you work in the agricultural sector then contact the International Group of Companies to find out more about their range of net twines that are perfect for Hop and Tomato farmers. You can order in rolls of 100g up to 4kg in white, black, red, orange and brown.  You can also get a free quote on lacing cord and washing lines when you visit the website.