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Vegetable Bag Suppliers That Can Meet Your Packaging Needs

Vegetable bag suppliers can supply you with the special bags necessary to package vegetables.  Vegetables cannot simply be packed into any kind of bag.  Normal plastic bags like grocery bags are often not strong enough; a bigger problems is that they do not breathe, so condensation forms on the inside, leading to the rapid spoiling of the vegetables.  The warm, moist conditions promote mildew and rotting.

This is why vegetable bag suppliers offer purpose-designed woven and knitted vegetable pockets.  These are typically the mesh-type bags in which you buy many types of vegetables like squashes and fruit like oranges.  The woven pockets are manufactured from virgin polypropylene and are extremely strong while providing unhindered ventilation.  They also make it easy to identify the vegetables and assess their condition before buying.  These pockets are typically offered in sizes of 10kg and 25kg capacity.  They are usually offered in brown, white, red, green and purple.  The colours are normally crop-specific to ease identification.

The knitted pockets are made from high-density polyethylene and are available in a larger range of sized, from 2kg to 25kg.  They are also very strong and even more colours, like tangerine and mandarin, are available.  Another type of vegetable bag is the circular woven bag, also made from virgin polypropylene and also available in many colours.  Sizes range from 30x45cm to 72x120cm.  They are offered plain or printed and are treated with anti-UV additives to ensure a minimum life expectancy of three months.

The International Group of Companies is one of South Africa’s major vegetable bag suppliers and can offer you any of the above three types of vegetable bags at excellent prices.  We guarantee our bags and will replace any bags with a material or manufacturing defect if such defects exceed 0.5% of the quantity supplied.  Contact us for more information or to place your order.