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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Choose Mesh Vegetable Bags over Plastic Bags

When we think about how we bag our groceries at the supermarket we should be thinking about just how much plastic we are using. Are we contributing towards the use of less plastic or are we simply turning a blind eye? Reducing our carbon footprint is something that many companies are encouraging us to do every day. What do we do? We cannot just cut plastic from our lives completely and the fact is that no one is expecting us to. The point is to not remove these plastic conveniences completely, but to reduce just how much of them we use. Vegetable bags are a great starting point. Making use of these bags already decreases the amount of plastic we end up throwing away. These bags are made from plastic, but it is a mesh which means that a great deal less plastic is used per bag.

You will be able to see these vegetable bags at the supermarket. They are most commonly used for packaging onions, potatoes and even gem squash to name a few. There are two main types of vegetable pockets; the woven vegetable pocket and the knitted vegetable pocket. The woven variety is made from virgin polypropylene whereas the knitted bags are made from virgin high density polyethylene. Both these bags can be manufactured according to crop specific colours, but are also available in green, white, yellow, orange, red, purple and tangerine. The woven pockets are available in 10kg and 25kg sizes whereas the knitted vegetable pockets are available in 2kg to 25kg sizes.

The International Group of Companies is a team that manufactures these particular plastic bags at a cost effective rate. Their products can be pre-ordered or made up according to each individual client’s specifications. Simply speak to the team about your needs and they will provide you with a solution.

If you are looking for the mesh vegetable bags, then contact the International Group of Companies without delay. You will find that they have a variety of options to offer you.