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Brand your Wholesale Bags

When it comes to buying fruit and vegetables at a supermarket, clients don’t only look at the quality of the food but also at the packaging. They don’t want to pick up a sack of potatoes and find that half of the content has fallen on the ground. To avoid this scenario get the best vegetable pockets and wholesale bags that come with a warrantee and are supplied by the International Group of Companies. You can’t go wrong buying from the market leader in plastic textiles and using this unique branding opportunity to print your company’s logo on it. You can even match your corporate colours or the crop specific colour with a knitted or woven pocket in green (avo or cabbage), white, black, yellow, orange, red, purple, gem and tangerine. 

The International Group of Companies manufacture and supply circular woven bags and vegetable pockets to supermarkets and vegetable suppliers in Southern Africa.  They also offer cost-effective packaging solutions in the form of cardboard cartons, boxes, trays and plastic bags. These are used for a variety of fruits from all seasons like oranges, strawberries, melons and grapes.  Vegetables that are packaged include onions, gem squash, potatoes, lettuce, cucumber, beans and beetroot. Items that are popular among South Africans who like camping are also stored in wholesale bags and other packing from The International Group of Companies. These items are charcoal, biltong, ice bags, wood and eggs (that are packaged neatly in egg trays). 

The WWP bags are made fromvirgin Polypropylene while the vegetable pockets come in knitted and woven formats. The circular bags are especially great for branding as they last 3 months and you can order them plain or printed from the International Group of Companies.  

Buy wholesale bags in bulk in a variety of sizes and colours; contact the International Group of Companiesfor your supply of vegetable pockets or WWP bags. Remember that you can brand your Circular Woven bags with your company’s logo and choosing your corporate colours.